25 April 2013


What could be better than food (ice cream) and fashion. :) 

24 April 2013

new drawings

I tend to start a drawing not knowing where it will go,  and then I get into a trance-like state where all i do is focus on my drawing, it makes time go by so fast.  I did both of these drawings on separate days but looking at them together i think they go quite nicely together. The 1st drawing is inspired by this picture  and then i decided to make a printed background…I like how the 2nd illustration turned out, very tarzan-esque? … :)
I'm enjoying having little obligations/nothing to do these past weeks. I know when I move in July to start school life will be busy! So i'm trying to appreciate this time I have to do some art and focus on personal goals.  

22 April 2013


Illustration drawing I did this morning inspired by Louis Vuitton's spring summer 2013 collection, the stills are from the check-in, check-out video . I love the graphic checks in this collection.

21 April 2013

Diablo Menthe

Many people may wonder where the name of my blog came from? WELL, the name peppermint-soda came from the french film Peppermint Soda translated Diabolo Menthe, which is an autobiographical 1977 French film directed by Diane Kurys. When I took french in high school, the teacher showed us this film. I loved it and it stuck in my mind for years. The film is about 13 year old Anne and 15 year old Frederique, they are two jewish sisters whose parents are divorced. They live in Paris with their mom and attend a strict school, while spending their summers at the beach with their father, who they don't feel comfortable with. They go through many other troubles of adolescence. This coming of age film struck something with me, it reminded me of my own life, at the time. I felt I could relate somehow... It's also such a beautiful and sweet story.

17 April 2013



I love menswear, especially pairing menswear pieces with more feminine touches. I remember when I was about 12 years old I went through a phase when I wanted to dress like a tomboy, I think I was influenced by Mary-Kate Olsen's character on the show Two of a Kind, haha... Anyway, I love looking at menswear fashion because the styles are so cool and the tailoring is always so incredible. Some of my favorite menswear designers are Kris Van Assche, Raf Simons, Dries Van Noten, Rick Owens, and Juun J. Here are some photos and collages inspired by mens fashion.

15 April 2013



Mood board for spring inspiration! In LOVE with the Maison Martin Margiela rings, light soft shades of white, golds, blush, cream and blue denim. I love spring for it's fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables! …  This recipe looks so good. The weather is so bipolar, one day it's 70 degrees and the next it's freezing! I hope it starts to stay nice. 

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09 April 2013


Hello! It's 70 degrees here in New York so that's making me pretty excited for the summer and moving to Los Angeles! I used to hate warm weather but I love it now, I feel so much more inspired when it's nice and sunny outside. Here are two drawings I did yesterday, I already posted them on my instagram as I do with most of my quick drawings…but the first one is Ashley Olsen if you couldn't tell ;) I quite like how it looks now, but I want to go in and add some color, and maybe I will draw Mary-Kate and collage them together.