29 January 2014


 AVA CATHERSIDE is a new London based designer with such a unique and cool aesthetic. I just recently discovered the label. The extreme minimalism, monochrome palette, and raw/edgy shapes - it's so interesting. I love the last photo, with the negative space of the neck disconnected from the form of the body. Such a subtle way of approaching minimalism.  Check out this video  showing individual garments being hand cut.
//1st picture from the AW13 collection, all others from the SS12 collection.//

23 January 2014

Sonia Rykiel | Pre-Fall 2014

I am absolutely loving Sonia Rykiel's Pre-Fall collection. Ursinia Gysi (my street-style favorite.) posed for the look-book, which makes this all that more amazing. I am in love this the fluffy pink turtleneck, the soft colors, menswear-esque slouchy trousers, classic pea-coats, the draping, and the fur! And I actually quite like the oversized sweater that could perhaps be mistaken for a chic rug. I think there is a nice balance to the collection, with so many playful yet elegant aspects.

22 January 2014

//currently loving

+ tone on tone color (especially shades of white/cream) + turtlenecks (obviously, when am I not loving turtlenecks.) + those overalls. + this blog + pinning to my 68 boards on Pinterest, because clearly I have a problem. + researching food trends. 

18 January 2014

New York, I miss you.

 After spending 2 amazing weeks back home in New York for the holidays, I gained a whole new love and appreciation for NYC. Funny how that can happen after only living in Los Angeles for about 6 months. I've come to realize that New York and Los Angeles are in no way comparable. You simply cannot compare LA to NY …nothing beats New York, but nothing beats Los Angeles weather. I'm not saying the only good thing about LA is the weather, because LA has some really amazing things…but the weather is what gets you hooked. If only New York had LA's winter weather this world would be a greater place. People always ask me where I want to live after I finish school, and honestly I can't answer that, because life is unpredictable. If someone would have told me i'd be living in California 1-2-3 years ago I would have laughed. But I love New York, it's home, it's familiar, I have so many nostalgic memories. I always envision myself raising my children in Park Slope, living in a brownstone, strolls through prospect park and trips to the central park zoo. I miss the city, and I even miss the cold (it's 82 degrees in LA today!^_^) I wish I could wear my cozy plaid cape, layers and tights… but I have been forced to wear shorts in January, but hey? who's complaining.

14 January 2014



There's no doubt J.W Anderson is (one of) my favorite designers, if not my favorite designer. There are far too many things that I love about this collection, but what I love most is how the idea of menswear is challenged and the way that Anderson challenges  proportions… Which he never fails at doing, each collection is totally amazing and original. The juxtaposition of clean stark lines, asymmetry, and softer subtle colors, like the pale blue, baby pink and light neutrals is so good. I love how the colors are offsetted by such tremendously bold cuts. Cheers to this amazingness …