12 September 2013

Organic by John Patrick spring 2014

Organic by John Patrick is one of my favorites,  I love each collection he has done, the colors are always beautiful, the pieces are so effortless and wearable. This collection had such a nice mood, very romantic without being over the top, at all. I really love the mix of different hues of colors, dark plum with lavender, mint and baby blue, gold and ivory and various shades of whites and cream paired together. The use of color is one of the reasons that I really like John Patrick. Also I loved the voluminous trousers and skirts, they had a nostalgic vintage feeling to them yet still so modern and cool.

i'll try to post some more highlights of NYFW, since my 1st quarter at FIDM is ending next week. I have a few weeks off, so i'll have some time! So far I love it a lot here in Los Angeles, but i've been missing New York especially lately with fashion week happening and Autumn just around the corner!