This blog was born in October 2011 as a creative outlet for me to share things i find worth sharing within the world of fashion//style//art//design, as well as my own art and other imagery. The name comes from  the french film Peppermint Soda translated Diabolo Menthe, which is an autobiographical 1977 French film directed by Diane Kurys. When I took french in high school, the teacher showed us this film. I loved it and it stuck in my mind for years. The film is about 13 year old Anne and 15 year old Frederique, they are two sisters whose parents are divorced. They live in Paris with their mom and attend a strict school, while spending their summers at the beach with their father. They go through many other troubles of adolescence. This coming of age film struck something with me - so was born the name of this blog. 

my name is Maya Koplowitz. I am a New York native living in Los Angeles attending The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) where i am studying visual communications. Previously I have pursued fine arts and continue to foster my passion for drawing. For as long as I can remember I have loved being creative and creating beauty. Ever since I was 15 years old, while taking fashion illustration weekend courses at FIT, I have been obsessed with the world of fashion and design. 
a little more about me, i am an identical twin. i want a pet monkey, pistachio ice cream is my favorite food and i love simon and garfunkel.

 Check out my art portfolio/sketchbook here! and follow me on instagram

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