22 March 2013

t i m e

That is a collage by me with polyvore. I love collaging and using polyvore instead of magazine clippings and photographs, it's obviously so much less messy, but than again, there is something more special about clipping and pasting by hand. I guess that's what technology has done. There once was a time when my room's walls were like my tumblr or a pinterest board, but now everything is digital, which i like but then again i don't…Anyway, Paper Watch! so cool I ordered myself this online a few weeks ago and only now am wearing it. You can draw on it! But I like it minimal white.

10 March 2013

Céline Céline Céline!

Here are some of my favorite looks from Céline RTW 2013, out of all the collections shown at fashion week, this one sticks out as one of my very favorites! There is just too much about this collection that i love! The mixes of plaids for one is amazing! Against the palette of soft hues of grays, peaches, pinks and ivory. The cuts are so amazing, so chic, light and effortless. I also love the high boots in various colors and the oversized clutches. I cold go on and on, Phoebe does no wrong in my eyes.

03 March 2013


 Drawing I did yesterday, it's in pencil and prisma color markers,  I like the way it turned out, i'm not quite sure though, i am never fully happy with my art,  but i think that's good, because then i am always trying to improve myself. It's inspired by this photo - one of my favorites.