18 October 2011


"People fall so in love with their pain, they can’t leave it behind. The same as the stories they tell. We trap ourselves."
— Chuck Palahniuk

going to bring my [twin]sister to school. I have no class on tuesdays! i'm kind of pissed i have to bring her…when i could be doing something else. had fresh blackberries this morning, i never knew blackberries were an autumnal fruit! but they are. i really hope today goes okay, and i'm not too tired like i have been lately. I'm so drained and weak feeling all the time it makes me so frustrated i wish i had energy to do stuff..

12 October 2011

no way out

...“Life has been some combination of fairy-tale coincidence and joie de vivre and shocks of beauty together with some hurtful self-questioning.”Sylvia Plath.

photos/corinne day

today i have school from 12-5:30 such a long day!…and art history is so long and dreadful.. I wish i could just drive into Manhattan and spend the day alone wandering around it's so beautiful in the autumn.. i haven't had a quiet alone day in so long. mayb soon. I'm wearing my new leather coat. I love it, its perf. & so comfortable and has a gigantic cool hood and i've always wanted a leather coat with a hood :)…so i had to get it! ill post a photo of it sooner or later. off i go, hope today goes better than i think it will.

10 October 2011


christiane f. 
today i'm going to school from 12-3 p.m. not too bad but its so cold outside, but the weather man says it's gonna be 83 degrees? i dont understand bc it's fucking freezing. Its 7:14 am i've been awake since 5:00 ...i need more coffee and a cigarette..

09 October 2011

turtle necks, etc.

thats my favorite sweater, from h&m its so comfy and i love it. also it seems to change colors, it's navy blue but it looks black and then deep purple. its my favvvv makes me feel happy. today im wearing a black turtle neck and black tights.

i have to write an english paper today, on a story called the yellow wallpaper. It's about a depressed woman in the 19th century who goes absolutely insane looking at some ugly torn up wall paper in her room. I think the story would have been better if it was set in a mental ward in the 21st century but w/e…it was ok and i am dreading writing the stupid paper, i'd much rather be doing something else this sunday..but i'm gonna do it.

08 October 2011


i like this nonchalant, layering, easy, all black, sleek …skinny pant/hoodie/hat//leather look.... it's amazingly awesome.

isabelle adjani

my mom just told me i look like Isabelle Adjani, bc she wants me to watch some movie called "Adelle H" so i've been looking at pic of her..i think she looks just like my twin sister. beautiful.