28 October 2013



I've noticed a lot of grid patterns reoccurring in fashion and design these past months. And I find myself  really inspired and attracted to the idea of geometric/architectural shapes in fashion and design...Also food styling! - Something about the minimalism and stark sleekness is very appealing, futiristic and eye catching.  

23 October 2013

seul le temps

//Tiger Magazine-Model: Ilva Hetmann//Mallory Page painting//Guido Reni Saint Mary Magdalene//Egon Schiele drawings//blues//pinks//pastel with neutrals//

Playing around and trying to teach myself some photoshop. I have a feeling I'm going to be creating a lot more collages in the near future.

21 October 2013


Mood boards and photo collages I made that are inspired by nature and the colder months ahead.
//layers. plaids. wood grain. brown leathers. large knits. muted greens & blues. creams/ivory. over sized. warmth//

11 October 2013


All photos from my tumblr or my pinterest. Here is some inspiration from photos i've been collecting recently on those sites. The shoes are found here, I really want to find a good pair of cut out shoes and I also really love that Bottega Veneta asymmetrical cape on the bottom left!