27 January 2013

blank canvas



I recently game across these photos and the video, of the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama 's "The Obliteration Room" interactive installation. It took place about 1 year ago in Queensland art gallery in Brisbane Australia. The artist constructed a typical domestic environment, painted every single space (including furniture) a clean white, almost like a giant blank canvas. Then over the course of two weeks, the museum’s children visitors were given thousands and thousands of small colored dot shaped stickers to place anywhere, the transformation of turning the white space into a bright explosion of color is so cool!

25 January 2013

This is the most recent drawing i've done…and on the right is what i based it off of. I quite like it! Since then i've adapted it a little bit, i'll have to post an updated photo of the drawing. I am currently working on a few different portfolio projects for admissions into college, i am transferring colleges and it's very stressful but exciting at the same time! I am looking into a couple of programs, and contemplating what i'd like to major in. I am very interested in interior design but i've recently been looking into visual communications which sounds like something i've always wanted to do! So many choices and different things to think about! but i can't wait to start this new chapter in my life.

18 January 2013

Nathalie du Pasquier

 I love the idea of these square shaped storage shelves, and thoughtfully arranged bookshelves, it reminds me of  Nathalie du Pasquier's paintings and other works. She is one of my favorite artists. Her work is abstract yet so playful and familiar. The colors are beautiful. I love the focus on strong geometric shapes, there's just something about her work - it's hard to exactly know what makes it so great!  She is a French-born, self-taught artist and textile designer, her textiles are so inspired! - she is the founding member of The Memphis Group which was an influential Italian design and architecture group In the 80's.

10 January 2013

favorites of Pre-Fall 2013



                                                                                                   The Row


Here are some of my favorite looks of Prefall 2013. I love all of the fur, geometric cuts, schoolgirl prep and androgyny. My #1 favorite looks were from Céline: everything from the oversized outerwear in heavy wool, turtlenecks, to the amish-esque hats, and pleated skirts. The Row is always a favorite too, this collection was kind-of impeccable in my opinion, such amazing tailoring. I love how every look is so crisp and dramatic...maybe the styling was too refined but i still love it.

06 January 2013

Faye Toogood

After reading an interview in Apartamento Magazine of Faye Toogood, i decided to look more into her work. I am so inspired by her  design aesthetic. Such beautiful geometric furniture, that she designs under her own name, she also runs Studio Toogood http://www.studiotoogood.com/) , she styles photo shoots, does interiors, and makes sets for fashion shows. I really love the design of the townhouse in the first few photos. There is such a poetic flow in her work. She is toogood, like her last name…which suits her work perfectly well.