27 January 2013

blank canvas



I recently game across these photos and the video, of the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama 's "The Obliteration Room" interactive installation. It took place about 1 year ago in Queensland art gallery in Brisbane Australia. The artist constructed a typical domestic environment, painted every single space (including furniture) a clean white, almost like a giant blank canvas. Then over the course of two weeks, the museum’s children visitors were given thousands and thousands of small colored dot shaped stickers to place anywhere, the transformation of turning the white space into a bright explosion of color is so cool!


  1. So cool! Some of my friends visited there :)

  2. love her! i posted 2x about her work on my blog: http://thedelicateplace.com/2012/07/09/louis-vuitton-meet-yayoi/ x

  3. This is absolutely fantastic. It's so inspiring. Where do you find these things? It's so very calming to watch to, and it makes me wonder what goes through the minds of the people whom placed the stickers and why they would choose that particular place to put it, next to that particular colour. This is why i love art, the answers are endless and can change depending on whom the individual is. I love this post Maya. Thank you for sharing it.

    Love // laura-sylv.blogspot.co.uk


  4. wow, this is so amazingly cool, i love it! :D

  5. That looks like a tough game of Twister :P