05 February 2013

Marie Dessuant

These are a few collections from Paris-based designer Marie Dessuant 
Xià is a bench inspired from the Chinese ideogram xià means low... I love the hot pink contrasting colors, of  wood and white and the hot pink.

 Duvet is a hybrid between a duvet, a pillow and a kimono. How nice would this be to wear?! super cozy and definitly a more chic version of a snuggie. 

                           Etagère 'Y' is a easily movable bookshelf …so innovative, love the pastel colored shelves.

Last photo is of the Soft Fold which is a temporary space which asks the users to take time out of their day to be in the area of duvets, a reading table, a low bench and a lamp.
I really like her use of contemporary shapes and beautiful pastel color. Her design outlook is so inspiring. She aims to create a new way of interacting with ordinary objects, not just showing, or imposing too much on the viewer, but giving new solutions in a narrative way. 


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  1. wow, i love this! The kimono duvet is Amazing!! this is so inspired, beautiful