18 January 2014

New York, I miss you.

 After spending 2 amazing weeks back home in New York for the holidays, I gained a whole new love and appreciation for NYC. Funny how that can happen after only living in Los Angeles for about 6 months. I've come to realize that New York and Los Angeles are in no way comparable. You simply cannot compare LA to NY …nothing beats New York, but nothing beats Los Angeles weather. I'm not saying the only good thing about LA is the weather, because LA has some really amazing things…but the weather is what gets you hooked. If only New York had LA's winter weather this world would be a greater place. People always ask me where I want to live after I finish school, and honestly I can't answer that, because life is unpredictable. If someone would have told me i'd be living in California 1-2-3 years ago I would have laughed. But I love New York, it's home, it's familiar, I have so many nostalgic memories. I always envision myself raising my children in Park Slope, living in a brownstone, strolls through prospect park and trips to the central park zoo. I miss the city, and I even miss the cold (it's 82 degrees in LA today!^_^) I wish I could wear my cozy plaid cape, layers and tights… but I have been forced to wear shorts in January, but hey? who's complaining.

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  1. :) i couldn't imaging living in los angeles or a place with similar weather/climate either, long-term i mean. it's fun to visit ;) toronto is very similar to new york in terms of weather, and i completely agree that you cannot compare cities like that. they are so distinctive. and having memories and connections to a city you grew up in is so special and nothing can compare to that bond. the photos you have above are gorgeous, i love the second and third especially. (and the one of you, of course). hope you're doing well back in summerland ;P xox lots of love