24 April 2013

new drawings

I tend to start a drawing not knowing where it will go,  and then I get into a trance-like state where all i do is focus on my drawing, it makes time go by so fast.  I did both of these drawings on separate days but looking at them together i think they go quite nicely together. The 1st drawing is inspired by this picture  and then i decided to make a printed background…I like how the 2nd illustration turned out, very tarzan-esque? … :)
I'm enjoying having little obligations/nothing to do these past weeks. I know when I move in July to start school life will be busy! So i'm trying to appreciate this time I have to do some art and focus on personal goals.  


  1. maya, those are really lovely. where are you going to move/study? and taking the time to work on yourself and your own interests is really important, and i'm happy that you're taking advantage and embracing the bit of 'free' time until you leave. love xox

  2. you're so talented maya! I really love the first one! :)

  3. nicely done!! you are really talented my dear
    I also love drawing :)

  4. beauty love these women and their blouses