10 May 2012


it's been raining SO much lately! and i love my frog umbrella, i think i had like the same one when i was 3 years old 

I spent this last weekend at my summer house in Montauk. Even though it's not summer yet, it was so nice to go out there. I actually like Montauk better when it's off season, because there are hardly any tourist-y people and it's so quiet.  I think it's my favorite place in the world! My family has been going out there since before i was born. The sunset is always so beautiful and it's so peaceful. It was really nice to spend time with my dad too, i hardly ever see him and ever since he broke up with his 8 year long (toxic) girl friend ;) he has been in an oddly good mood. :)


  1. I'm so glad you had a nice time. The weather here in the UK is awful aswell :(
    I really hope your okay, we must catch up!!

  2. montauk was so nice this weekend, i'm so glad we both decided to go out there with dad...he has been very chipper lately since he and L broke up ;) love the froggy umbrella, glad its been nice and rainy lately so we have an excuse to look cute wearing him :)
    love you

  3. I love the frog umbrella + the cobblestone path you're standing on. :) I think I should like to turn into a little frog and sit on your shoulder. :P