20 May 2012

catch some raisinets

These are stills from an early 90's commercials for Raisinets. I remember such odd things from my childhood…like watching this commercial and thinking it was so cool when Raisinets fall from the sky and the kids caught the Raisinets in their mouths just like catching rain drops! Raisinets have always been my favorite, i don't trust anyone who doesn't like chocolate covered raisins :)


  1. I LOVE this! Raisinetes are the best ever, chocolate + raisins, duh ;)
    i remember us both loving this commercial as kids! the song is so catchy and yea what could be better than catching raisin chocolate rain drops?..sounds fun ;P

  2. aww, this! we never had those commercials here ;( but i always loved chocolate-covered raisins versus the peanut ones. (not sweet enough ;) they were just the best, i was a raisin fiend. loved my raisins ;P but my mom always worried about cavities so she was like, 'just remember to brush! ah people keep telling me to make sure my kids brush if they have raisins!!!' but, yes, definitely a favourite :) i loved the sunmaid (i think its called that? with the little red boxes w a girl on it?) i know im just referring to plain raisins now, but they're good too. anyway, this became a novel xox

  3. chocolate covered anything, but raisins are like a sweet little goldmine:) i've never had raisinets before, but just yesterday i finished a packet of van houten milk chocolate raisins!