20 April 2012

The Life Before her Eyes

The Life Before Her Eyes is about a woman named Diana, played by Uma Therman and Rachel Evan Wood as the seventeen year old Diana. When the film opens, it's the 15th anniversary of a Colombine-like school massacre and a memorial is being held for the survivors. The movie is in flashback, revisiting the traumatic day. Each flashback reveals a bit more of the moment when Diana and her best friend are in the girls restroom being held at gun point by the crazed teenager. Also her memories bring you back to the weeks leading up to the event. This movie shows what the "other option" for your life path could be if your choices are different... it's what Diana's life could have been if she had lived. It's a pretty cool idea that right before you die you see your whole life pass before your eyes! The ending was really interesting (maybe a bit confusing, sort of twisty and symbolic...but i still liked it). I'd watch it again.


  1. Going to find and watch this now - thanks for sharing x

  2. This sounds like another movie I've seen, trying to remember the name... teens being bullied, and two guys going crazy with shooting at the mall, and reliving the horrible memories...

    But I like how you say, "This movie shows that the 'other option' for your life path could be if your choices are different." Makes me wonder about my own life!

  3. I watched it last night and really liked it too.
    I sometimes wonder how my life might have paved out had I made different choices way back when.

  4. Glad you watched it :) Me too, i always wonder the same thing... I wish there was a way to see what your life could be if choices were different.