14 July 2013

LA// week 1

I can't believe i've been in LA for over a week! It feels so much longer. The 1st 3 days I arrived, my Dad was here with me, we saw my family who lives in LA and we visited the Getty Villa! It was so beautiful! I had such a good day, besides being very jet lagged! Monday and Tuesday I had orientation, I received my class schedule and met a lot of people. My roommates are amazing! I have 3 housemates and 2 of the girls are from other countries (Italy and Taiwan) so I feel like i'm getting quite the cultural experience! Yesterday my roommates and I went to Santa Monica and went shopping and out to sushi. Zara was having a major sale, it was wonderful. So much fun. I'm very happy I made this decision to come all the way across the country for school. I love the school (FIDM) and my classes seem really great, I only have started 2 out of the 5 classes i'll be taking…this week i'll start fully.  I can tell everything happens for a reason, and i'm glad with the way things have turned out for me. I never would have thought i'd be living in California, if you'd ask me 1 year ago. Anyway can't wait to post more on here, when I have the time. 


  1. MAYA! :) i am so happy you are loving LA and i am so glad you have such great roommates! LA seems to have so many great things to do, and for you its definitely a nice change from NY...i knew you'd love it! I live that drawing, so, so wonderful :)
    i miss you terribly
    xo Eliza

  2. sounds amazing! i'm sure you will be doing great great things in CA..can't wait to see more!
    <3 Emma

  3. Sounds wonderful; embrace every moment! :)