25 February 2013


Recently I have been watching far too many netflix streaming movies and documentaries, among the many films i've watched lately was Unzipped, a documentary that follows the designer Isaac Mizrahi as he plans his fall 1994 collection. It was so interesting and entertaining, great music too. I loved that it was filmed mainly in black and white: switching from bright grainy color to black and white, it was cool. The film started with Mizrahi reading a horrible review in *Womens Wear Daily* of his most recent collection, and then we watch as Mizrahi starts his creative  and stressful process for the fall collection. Not only did the film give a glimpse behind the scenes of fashion, but it really showed Isaac at the peak of his career. Totally 'time-capsuled' the feeling of early 90's fashion. My favorite part of the documentary was the fittings and the several scenes featuring the supermodels: Kate Moss, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington. Definitely watch this if you have netflix.
heres an excerpt on Vimeo


  1. Kate Moss looks stunning in this! x

  2. did you see Christy Turlington's Catwalk?
    Its a documentary about her in the season of ss 1994.
    you can watch it on youtube youll love it if you havent seen it yet!

    1. Oh no i haven't seen that! off to go watch it :) thanks babe