10 July 2012



I've been drawing a lot lately, mainly faces/portraits, which i like doing the best. i think i'll start doing some water colors or using markers…i want to add some color. I also want to go shopping, but i don't want to go clothing shopping until the Autumn, i refuse to buy any new Summer clothing. I find summer clothing less worthy of buying, seriously i haven't seen anything i like in stores lately. I'll try to save my money until the Autumn when i can buy sweaters, boots, jackets etc. (oh and thats my favorite Uniqlo post card, i just like it :)


  1. hello there.
    I've been a quiet reader for a while, but I just wanted to say that I find how you draw people really, really lovely and intriguing.
    I also agree about summer clothing vs. winter. I like layers, so I guess it's lucky for me that summer lasted all of about five days here :P

  2. I love your art Maya, you have such a unique style of drawing which is so recognisable to me now, your shading etc is so key, i love it, i'd definitely pin one on my wall. As for the post card, it just so happens that giraffes are one of my favourite animals. The post card is adorable and quite funny too :)

    Lots of love, Laura


  3. I've thought about it for awhile, and I decided the way your draw people is just my favorite.

    I would also like to hire you as my stylist so I dress better this autumn. ;) I've actually had the mindset you have had about summer, except concerning magazines. I don't want to buy any magazines that feature summer stuff lol. I just want to see layouts of fall and winter... clothes, decor, anything.

  4. Maya! Your drawings are so wonderful, such a beautiful talented hand (and eye!) you have :) I love seeing your drawing (also, love the giraffe, super cute!!)

    Much Love,