30 June 2012


Oyster #98

I haven't posted on here in a while! it was my birthday (and my twin sister's, duh ;) on Thursday! we are 22, which feels old: I sadly still feel/look a lot younger. Anyway! It was actually a good birthday. I always dread my birthday because i put so much pressure on one day, and then when it isn't as great as i wished, it's so upsetting. But i'm glad for the most part it was a nice day. We out for dinner at Spice Market, which i highly suggest if you are in New York, so nice!… seriously go there. It was such a good time. And then yesterday we visited my Grandpa (on my mom's side) in the hospital, even though it wasn't the most uplifting thing to do, it was nice to see my Grandma and more of my family. It's like 100 degrees outside and so humid!  i am counting down the days till Fall, so i can wear huge sweaters and drink hot beverages and be all cuddly … today i spent all afternoon at the Public Library doing work for school(online summer classes), which was nice because of the air conditioning and i finished my race/class/gender Art History class and received an A :) Then I rented a load of dvds there, some that look really good - i think i'll watch Igby Goes Down tonight, it looks really amazing.  Tomorrow my Mom, Eliza and I are going out for dinner to celebrate our birthday! Hopefully later this week i'll get to go out to Montauk for 4th of July weekend, but i don't know yet.


  1. heyyy :) is igby goes down with one of the culkins? like kieran?? if not then im thinking of something else ;P but i love the culkin brothers, rory especially. have you seen 'you can count on me'? so good! with mark ruffalo who i love, and laura linney i think? anyway! so happy your birthday was good. mine was actually not that bad, i didn't go out to eat or anything but i had a nice family dinner and stuff. the restaurants that you went to sound really lovely, yummy, unique (i looked at the one site anyway)...i don't go out to eat that often but i need to make it a goal soon, because i used to love eating out, it's fun! and you get to have things that you don't normally prepare yourself (or at least for me...like food i don't get), but i do agree about the pressure thing, so going into your birthday with an open-mind, positivity, just nothing too structured allows for spontaneity and that's great. hope you're having a lovely week. xox

  2. Yes! Kieran Culkin is in it! i also love the Culkins, i find them so fascinating. I have seen "you can count on me" I loved it too! Mark Ruffalo is one of my favorites :) glad your birthday was good! :)