30 March 2012

Class of 2006 | Paolo Roversi

This will always be one of my very favorite editorials. So nostalgic and lovely!...Don't we all wish this is what our high school yearbook looked like?! :)
I'm home today- stuck with no car, because i finally took it to get fixed at the mechanics. So now it's all fixed up, but i need someone to take me to get it...and it's oddly cold outside - so walking sounds utterly painful. i think i'm going to draw and then if/when i get my car go to Trader Joe's.


  1. Maya,
    your blog is so perfect. Little bits of inspiration coming from you are like little bits of joy to my day haha. I love all these photos. Wow if only my highschool years resembled such faded nostalgic beauty instead of breakouts and exams haha. This makes me want to blogspot again:) You have the most in tune eye for all things beautiful and evocative and magnificent and lovely! p.s. model in the flannel is totally babin!
    Love you endless amounts gorgeous
    Amanda Jane

  2. ah you are too sweet! :) reading this made me all smiley :)
    love you endless amounts miss amanda jane! i miss you!