19 March 2012

Sarah's Key

Melusine Mayance is the young actress in Sarah's Key. She is so adorable and really an amazing actress! This movie is a must see! I've watched it twice and i could watch it again. Holocaust movies are always something that interests me and this was a story I had never heard before. 10 year-old Sarah Starzynski is arrested with most of her family in the Vél d’Hiv roundup of Parisian Jews in 1942. Before being forced out of their apartment Sarah hides her little brother in the closet and locks it away with the key. The story flashes forward to present day, as an American journalist in Paris, tries to piece together the life of the girl and her brother. It's such a beautifully done film and really eye opening too.

1 comment:

  1. that film is so incredibly heart-wrenching, especially the scene later on when she returns to her house...don't want to put spoilers but it has to do with her brother ;( the acting is so incredible and she is amazing, you're so right. i don't know why it didn't show in theatres here, but i was able to find it online and, ahh so so good :P xox